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Enlightened Business

Finally! A Roadmap to Being Successful in Business, while Making a Difference

‘Enlightened Business’ is a programme that offers a new way of working, with practical, easy to implement practices that can be introduced without having to radically disrupt your current leadership and business agenda. In order to maximise the power of the ‘sweet spot’ between your individual leadership style, the culture of your organisation (or department), and your business strategy, the programme is structured in three parts:

  1. Being an Enlightened Leader
  2. Creating an Enlightened Culture
  3. Executing Enlightened Strategy

The first part deals with being purpose-driven, real, showing up consistently and learning to let go of what’s not in your control. The second part focuses on creating a culture that allows people to give of their best, creating freedom within the constraints of normal business practice; and the third part addresses different approaches to the common challenges of executing strategy.

The results are:

  • Leaders much more inspired, focused and productive
  • Staff are more fulfilled and engaged leading to increased retention, and making it easier to attract talent
  • Increased customer retention and referrals due to better customer experience
  • A clear business strategy that’s in alignment with the business vision & values

… all leading to sustainable business results.

Get in touch with me here or call on 07748 113538 to discuss any questions and to see how I can help you with your specific business challenges. Or, if you fancy turning the theory into practice, check out the first Enlightened Business retreat being held in Mallorca in May – a perfect opportunity to turn the theory into practice.

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