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Talent: What Jewels are you Putting at Risk?

The recent jewellery heist at Hatton Garden caught my attention through all the election hype. The audacity, the blatant, daring nature of it brought a smile to my face. One day it will make a great film I’m sure.

A few days later, I was musing on how we are all susceptible to having our jewels raided – time and again – without us even being aware.

What do I mean by jewels? That which is most precious. In the physical realm this most often means loved ones – friends and family. At a material level it can indeed mean jewellery or expensive works of art. Yet these are not your true wealth.

Your true wealth and treasure is what makes you, and your organisation special. It’s the exquisite combination of beliefs, values, strengths and qualities, experience and expertise – all wrapped up and packaged in a way that makes a difference to the world.

This applies at both an individual and organisational level. At a personal level, your jewel is the web of unique attributes that you bring to every relationship and every task. But are they locked away, somewhere safe?

If you lead an organisation, you may think of your jewels as your products or services, or your IP.  More often than not however, your wealth lies in the untapped potential of your people.

My mind boggled when I read that some people did not even know what was in their safety box.  Do you know what jewels you have? Do you know what wealth lies locked away, hidden from view?  Not knowing makes you far more vulnerable to brazen attack by upstarters and usurpers in the market.

Jewels are precious, and need to be shown off to be appreciated. Don’t lock them away, at risk of being robbed from right under your nose.

You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck!


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