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Success Intelligence at Work

These days there seem to be more and more ‘types’ of intelligence emerging – the latest being ‘Success Intelligence’, pioneered by Dr. Robert Holden, Director of ‘The Happiness Project’, and whose latest book is ‘Success Intelligence’. His clients include the BBC, BT, The Body Shop, BAE Systems, Sony Corporation, Dove etc. You get the picture.

If you want to be happy and successful, here is an overview of the four key areas of ‘Success Intelligence’, drawn on years of research working with leaders and executives in Fortune 500 companies.

1. ‘PQ’ = Physical Intelligence (the Energy of success). This is the relationship to the ‘here and now’. Do you tend to view success as something far off in the future? We’re such a goal-orientated society that we’re always reaching for something, we will only consider ourselves to be successful when [fill in the blank]. So this aspect of PQ asks questions such as ‘What does success look like – today?’ PQ embraces practices that can bring you back to the present moment, such as conscious breathing, and connecting with your physical body.

2. ‘EQ’ = Emotional Intelligence (the Heart of success). As it relates to success, this aspect of intelligence is all about ‘What do I love’?, ‘What is it my heart most wants’? My favourite quote here is: “If your definition of success does not include love, get another definition”. As business moves from the the age of competition to one of collaboration – the more connected you are to your heart’s longing, and the more you reach out to others who share the same passion, the more successful you are likely to be.

3. ‘IQ’ = Mental (my word) Intelligence (the Psychology of success). ‘Who taught you how to think? How many of your thoughts are truly your own (as opposed to your peers’, parents’ etc)? This aspect of intelligence is all about taking the time to think! To evaluate your belief systems. “The major challenges we face today require not more effort, but more wisdom”. Leaders are paid to think, not to be more busy. If anything, being too busy can prevent you from being successful.

4. ‘SQ’ = Spiritual Intelligence (the Spirit of success). What inspires you about what you are doing? How can you connect to it more? What is the purpose and meaning of your work? Why are you doing what you do, and how can you infuse it with more inspiration? “You can’t inspire other people if you yourself are not inspired”.

Will you ‘make’ just a little time to truly ‘think’ and reflect on what the above means to you? How do you define success for your own life, and how are you allowing each of these aspects to flow through your work-life? “While success can make us happy, happiness can make us successful”. Happiness is a compass that lets you know how ‘on track’ you are towards your greatest expression of YOU in the world.

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