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Love Your Work, Love Your Life

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Did you, like many others, grow up believing that work has to be hard work in order to be good work? Or that work is a means to an end – a way of earning a living, to live life – outside of work?

My ebook, Love your Work, Love your Life offers a series of steps that help you get more out of your working life. No matter what your work is, this programme gives you inspiration, tools and insight that will help you feel more fulfilled, more valued and more energised at work.

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Below is a preview and excerpts of the 60 page, seven part course by Joolz. You can download the complete ebook from this page, once you obtain an Access Code.

Preview of Love Your Work, Love Your Work

  • Introduction

    ….To love your work is to love your life. It’s a process of changing our perception of work and life as separate activities, separate parts of ourselves, and separate from ourselves.

    For years, the nirvana of ‘work-life balance’ has been dangled in front of us as the holy grail of peace and contentment. But this suggests that ‘work’ is on one side, with ‘life’ on the other, that somehow we’re juggling and trying desperately to maintain some kind of equilibrium.

    Yet surely work and life are the same? When is ‘work’ not a part of our lives?

    So the word that I always prefer to use instead of balance, is integration – bringing it all together in order to experience more ‘success’ in our lives as a whole – however we choose to define success….

  • Table of Contents

    Introduction…………. 3
    Chapter 1: Your Unique Gift to the World…………. 5
    Chapter 2: The Importance of Wellness…………. 9
    Chapter 3: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure…………. 14
    Chapter 4: Your Heart at Work…………. 20
    Pause & Review…………. 25
    Chapter 5: Conscious Communication…………. 27
    Chapter 6: What You See is What You Get…………. 33
    Chapter 7: Worthwhile Work…………. 38
    Acknowledgements…………. 42
    One Final Quote…………. 43
    ‘Love your Work, Love your Life’ Appendices…………. 44
    Step 1: Your Unique Gift to the World…………. 44
    Step 3: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure…………. 58

  • Chapter 1

    In this chapter, you will:

    • Identify your core strengths – your gifts
    • Learn the importance of personal values
    • Discover your top values
    • Learn to value yourself, before others can value you!

    Before we go any further, this is the really important thing you need to know: you are totally unique in the work place.

    Nobody else has your unique set of qualities, skills and values, together with the knowledge that you have accumulated through education and on-the-job experience. In the same way that you were born with your own individual DNA, you were also born with natural, innate talents that you have to offer the world.

    It follows then, that when you are fully expressing your natural talents – what comes naturally to you – you feel more happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Unfortunately, so many of us find ourselves in jobs that don’t allow us to fully express those talents.

    So your starting point for greater work success is to identify your gifts – what it is that makes you unique in what you do, and how you do it…

  • Chapter 5

    In this chapter you will:

    • Become aware of communication at work, and how it impacts you
    • Appreciate the power of perspective – the difference between ‘story’ and ‘Truth’
    • Learn to communicate more consciously

    Moving on to ‘Conscious Communication’, all of the previous themes inter-weave to contribute to this step.

    You may work in an environment where you are overwhelmed and inundated with emails. You may feel that meetings take up a high proportion of your time in work, and are unproductive.

    There may be a high level of negativity, leading to conversations that focus on complaining and leave you feeling low and despondent, rather than energised and enthused.

    And you may feel that people simply don’t have the time to properly talk, and to connect – everybody’s so busy that stopping for a chat has become a luxury…

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