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Using Affirmations to Improve Communication at Work

Over the past two days I’ve been looking at how to take your yoga or spiritual practice into your work-life – covering the energetic commitment needed, and the physical/emotional practice of using breath to re-connect with the peace and joy of stillness, even in a chaotic working environment.

Thirdly – the mental level. Mentally speaking calming words while you inhale and exhale is a great way to become ‘present’. In yesterday’s post (scroll down) I included a very short verse from Thich Nhat Hanh that is short, simple and very effective.

Affirmations are also a wonderful way to remind you of your intent. Write your own affirmations – positive declarations of your intent to bring the Truth of your practice into your everyday work experience. For example, if you are experiencing conflict with a particular colleague, and struggle to communicate with Love, the following could be useful: ‘I am mindful of every thought that crosses my mind, and every word that passes my lips. I speak from a place of Truth, knowing that it is not just what I think and say, but how it is said that determines the outcome of this situation’. If you mentally repeat your affirmation throughout the day, it acts as a reminder to hold on to what you have prioritised as your intent, rather than the story and the drama distracting you.

These three exercises – intent, breath-work and affirmations are all tools to help you integrate your spiritual practice into your work-life. It takes commitment and practice, the rewards are subtle on a day-to-day basis, but in the long-term make a difference between a miserable work-life, and one filled with purpose, joy and fulfillment.

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