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How to Bring Your Spiritual Practice to Work

So you make a point of having a regular yoga (or any other spiritual) practice – maybe a weekly class, and a home-based practice when you can fit it in. And then when you step off the mat… the phone rings, email bings, twitter tweets and the 24 hr news all interrupt your peace. In the space of half an hour, your calm state of mind, your joyful heart brimming with love and your intention to bring your practice into your every-day experience seem to vapourise into thin air. Woosh! Puff! All gone.

This can be especially true if you work in a high-pressure environment, or run your own business. External pressures become the focal point of attention – whether it’s fear of redundancy, overwhelm, or lack of sales; whatever is your biggest concern will consume your mind and zap up any bliss you may have experienced just a few short hours ago. It’s one thing to mentally know that you are a ‘human being, not a human doing’, but how on earth do you experience the Truth of this while facing the realities of day-to-day work and life.

There are three levels of answer to this conundrum – one energetic, one physical and one mental.

I mentioned the first one above – an energetic intention. More precisely, the word ‘intent’. I have of course made the assumption that you do want to take your practice into your every-day life. Every true spiritual path has an element of prayer, stillness, and reflection at its core. So the question becomes – is your intent to live your spirituality from moment to moment – is your intent to bring it into every interaction, and to have it as the basis for how you approach all challenges? Intent is different from ‘desire’. We can ‘desire’ to live a certain way, we can ‘wish’ things to look different. Intent takes that desire, or wish, and turns it into a commitment. It means ‘no’ is not an option. Are you truly committed to living your spirituality, to infusing your every-day life with what you practice, and to ‘step out’ on what you know?

Reflect on what your commitment level is, and how you can deepen your commitment to integrate all aspects of your life – spiritual, work and home. Tomorrow I explore physical tools to help you connect to your spiritual practice at work.

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