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Ditch the Resolutions – Ask Better Questions

This is the time of year that people all around the world talk of making – and breaking – new year resolutions. But rather than setting yourself limiting commitments that will leave you feeling deflated and less empowered as they gradually fall away, take time to reflect on some questions that will expand your awareness and sphere of influence – both of which will naturally have a positive effect on your leadership and your self-worth. Happiness and success come from living in alignment with your purpose and core values. These are the areas to focus on as you move into a new year and (potentially) a new era. Jan Resolutions

Better questions are those which deserve reflection. They don’t necessarily have an immediate answer. Like a long-savoured meal or cocktail, they can be mulled over, accompanied by your favourite music, and chatted over with friends. Or taken to a bath for a long soak. Walks under an open sky to the sound of birdsong is another great way to ask these questions and listen for answers. The point is not to rush them – if they come immediately then listen, but don’t force it. Answers will often come in their own time.

My favourites are:

1. What contribution will I make this year – how, and to who?

2. What conversations will I be having, and with who?

3. How will I stay inspired this year, and how will I inspire others?

4. What areas of self-development will I invest in?

5. How will I measure my wealth? How will it contribute to the ‘greater good’?

These will give you a flavour for questions that lead you to a fulfilled life – they’re impossible to ‘make and break’, and the answers are never static, evolving over time as you yourself evolve. Leadership is increasingly about having better questions – what better way than to start with yourself?

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Comments (3)

  1. hi Joolz,
    Nice questions. I particularly like the ‘how will I stay inspired – and how will I inspire others?’

    • Hi Sarah! Glad you liked it – it’s a good daily question, not just a new year one! Hope all is well with you, all the best for 2014…

  2. Hi Joolz — Great post! I always prefer starting with questions — esp. the kind that cause me to dig deeper. One of my questions for the year is what will I prune back or cut out, to create space for growth and more deeply connect with my purpose?

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