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Are you a courageous, creative business owner or leader who wants to:

  • Grow your business in the right way – driven by purpose, vision and human values?
  • Be a magnet for the best talent by creating a thriving workplace that realises potential?
  • Make a difference – creating shared value across the organisation, to your customers and beyond?

I can help:

  • Define the core of your business purpose – beyond profit. I.e. what sets you apart from the crowd
  • Mentor senior and emerging leaders to navigate unchartered territory with courage and humility
  • Create a workplace culture that attracts – and keeps – the right talent and customers

The results are:

  • Less wasted time and more alignment means leaders are inspired, focused and productive
  • Staff are fulfilled and engaged leading to increased fulfilment and retention, making it easier to attract talent
  • Increased customer retention and lifetime customer value due to better customer experience
  • Budget targets are met and / or exceeded, and financial performance is more stable

Purpose beyond Profit

If your business is growing, that’s great news. But the challenge of keeping your eye on the horizon while juggling the many priorities in the here and now can be tough. You need to know what your North Star is – what lies at the heart of your business, and what sets you apart from your competition.

I get companies on track by working with Exec and wider teams by:

  • Starting with ‘why’ – getting to the core of the company’s purpose
  • Defining and refining the company mission / vision
  • Clarifying what differentiates the organisation from being a ‘me too’ business

Talent and Engagement

Every business leader knows that a strategic priority is attracting and retaining talent. The best cultures allow people the autonomy to thrive while giving them a strong sense of belonging to something worthwhile. Worthwhile work is created when people know how they contribute to the bigger picture.  This means they have purpose, and the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

As an advisor or implementation partner I work with you to:

  • Review your existing culture – what works, what doesn’t
  • Support communications programmes
  • Ensure values are meaningful and real
  • Train managers on creating a ‘worthwhile work’ culture
  • Establish desired behaviours across the organisation

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