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I am driven by an almost obsessive vision of business as ‘a force for good’​. Conscious business has now become a mainstream concept, but this has been my journey for the last 20 years – it is absolutely at the heart of everything I do.

My career took off in my late twenties when I relocated to California to work for Cisco, Nortel, Lucent and Compaq. After four years of being a ‘road warrior’ as well as studying and practicing yoga at weekends to try to balance my life, I realised my work-life was unsustainable; I was unfulfilled and desperately seeking meaning and purpose.

A sabbatical followed, in which I trained as a yoga teacher and traveled extensively. After returning to the UK I came back to the corporate world, managing the ‘human’ change management aspect of Customer Relationship Management. Clients included Cattles Plc, Roland UK, Coface UK and Wates Construction.

Two years on and I knew that ‘balancing’ my life was no longer enough – I needed to integrate my philosophy and worldview on how leaders and business could operate at their best. So in 2008 I became an independent consultant as ‘The Corporate Hippy’; in 2014 I published my book ‘Enlightened Business‘ and changed the company name to the same.

Clients include / have included Optionis Group, Perspicuity, Claims Consortium Group, National Grid, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Ring Central (in partnership with Entelechy Inc.), Dorset Child Safeguarding Board and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (in partnership with Corporate Learning Solutions) with projects spanning all aspects of leadership and strategic culture design as well as 1 to 1 coaching.

I now live in Somerset, having moved from the Thames Valley in 2014 and still jump at every opportunity to travel and explore.

My vision is of a business world where purpose, passion and people are aligned for sustainable profit, lasting legacy and individual fulfilment at work.

Enlightened Business Approach

The new paradigm of business leadership means that answers no longer come from the past. While I bring a wealth of experience, I am first and foremost a catalyst for change and a facilitator in bringing about new solutions to new challenges. It is the skill in creating a safe environment that challenges thinking, stimulates curiosity around ‘what if’ and allows people to talk openly and freely that makes the difference.

My Values: SCORE

My values lie at the heart of my work and shape every interaction. They form my promise to you:

S: Service first

In other words, how can I help? Service is all about giving back and making a difference to others. And of course, it is also about making sure that you get the levels of service you expect – always agreed upon before we undertake any work together.

C: Connect deeply

Relationships are important to me – I am still in touch with clients I worked with more than 10 years ago. Connection is what happens when we move beyond the superficial to what really matters – what lies beneath the surface. That’s where the shift happens.

O: Open communication

It is impossible to build a strong, trusted relationship without open communication. This means that I point out what I see, I raise concerns when appropriate and I invite honest feedback.

R: Results focus

At the end of the day, you are running or leading a business and results are important. I take the time to understand the results you want to see and how we will measure progress. Together we agree the outcomes from any engagement, and regularly check in to ensure movement in the right direction and any changes where necessary.

E: Enquiry led

Rather than being an expert with a pre-determined set of answers or template solutions that have worked in the past, I ask the right questions at the right time to generate a different dialogue – leading to different ideas and solutions that are relevant right now.


Living a generous life is at the heart of my philosophy. When we contribute in any form, we enrich others’ lives – whether it be with our time, our money, or even a smile to someone who needs it – and we enrich our own lives in the process.

For the last few years I’ve supported the world humanitarian and spiritual leader Amma’s charitable foundation with projects spanning healthcare, education, empowering women, green initiatives, hunger relief and housing in India, to global disaster relief and food kitchens in the US. For more information please visit Embracing the World.

If you want more inspiration on living a generous life, I highly recommend Mike Dickson’s 10 steps.

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