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3 Ways to Nurture your Creative Genius

As we approach Beltane, the time of year that the energy in the earth quickens and the light emerges stronger, it’s a wonderful opportunity to look at nature as a teacher and to honour our own creative genius.

We are approaching Beltane, the Celtic festival that marks the half way point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It represents fertility and the fire of creative energy in nature that can be mirrored in our own lives.

For the first time I am growing vegetables from seed. I have never experienced natural motherhood, that miraculous process of carrying a seed with all its unlimited potential and giving birth to new life through my body. So planting tiny seeds in warm and damp earth, watching over them for a few days until the new shoots peek through the earth is my own way of connecting to the miracle that is life.

As I witness and marvel at this miracle, it strikes me that there are ways in which we can mirror the conditions of nature’s growth in our lives, to nurture our own fledgling creative urges, and care for and sustain new growth – new ideas, new projects and inspirations that come to us in those unexpected moments.

Allow Time for Incubation

Seeds need slightly damp and warm soil to germinate, but they don’t need light. This represents the inner time of germination for new ideas, new skills we want to develop and a focus on where we want to invest our creative energies. Nothing more… just a warm and safe container for the ideas to literally sprout and release their creative potential. The critical lesson I have learned here is…

not all seeds germinate.

Some do, some don’t. Not all your ideas and impulses will take form and come to fruition. But at this point it’s important to create a safe environment for them, and observe which ones are strong enough to sprout and emerge.

It’s OK to be Fragile and Vulnerable

When the seedlings do emerge – straggly and fragile and vulnerable, they need intensive care. I was crestfallen to watch a whole tray of healthy lettuce seeds perish because I did not water them for just one day.

This was a huge lesson in the need to pay attention, to honour new life, to nurture it and to recognise that at this stage of growth there is a new set of requirements to reach the next phase. Warmth but not too much heat. Sufficient water but not drowning.

We can have the best ideas and nurture them in our minds, but when we sense that the ideas have taken form and we have confidence in them we make the mistake of believing them to be stronger than they are, leaving them to ‘get on with it’ and trusting that Life can do the rest.

Or we give birth to new ideas and projects and then move on to other things, or let the day-to-day demands of our current day life take over, leaving our fledgling projects to struggle and wither without the attention and the resources they need.

When your inspiration has taken form, pay attention to what it needs.

Attend to it, nurture it and give it what it needs to thrive at this vulnerable time.

Create an Ecosystem for Growth

There’s a popular term for start up businesses at the moment, it’s called a ‘growth mindset’. Another saying is that ‘you’re either growing or you’re stagnating’. Nothing ever stands still. The cycle of creation by definition involves the cycle of destruction.

What environment do you need to create for your own or  your business growth?

My husband Marcus made two planters for our veg plot, and we filled them with the highest quality organic and peat-free soil. We have copper wire at the ready to prevent the pesky slugs and snails from feasting on our plants. And we’ll be planting comfrey to attract and divert other flies and organisms away from the fledgling plants. We’re creating an eco-system.

What’s your ecosystem for growth? What do you need in your environment to nurture and inspire your ideas and projects? What are the thoughts that you need to lovingly remove from your creative planter of new ideas? What is the ‘soil’ you need to encourage growth – in terms of your mindset, your physical environment and the support from loved ones?

As we approach Beltane, the time of year that the energy in the earth quickens and the light emerges stronger, it’s a wonderful opportunity to look at nature as a teacher, to learn from the earth’s miracles of life and to honour our own creative genius.

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